Getting To Know Doloris Petunia

Over the past six months, one of the most exciting and successful jewelry lines that we have introduced to the store is Doloris Petunia.  Courtney Prince, the designer behind Doloris Petunia, has proved that creating bold, colorful, and one-of-a-kind jewelry can also be timeless.  We are always in search of designers that are doing something fresh, and Courtney’s jewelry is so unique and unlike anything we have ever seen.  Her designs emphasize color and sparkle to create a long lasting impression.  Recently we had the opportunity to pick Courtney Prince’s brain and ask her about Doloris Petunia, but most importantly, what inspires her.













Who are your favorite designers and what inspires Doloris Petunia?

“We are inspired mostly by what we wish was in our own closet. The goal always is to listen and react to our custom clients and create pieces for them that they cannot find anywhere else. As a designer, I do miss being in NYC and sitting on the subway and seeing such a wide variety of people and fashion and being inspired by that. In California, I am inspired by the LA art scene and what is going on in fashion on film. Above all else, each day it is about creating pieces that would make our clients, friends and acquaintances feel like they have an extra glow the day they are wearing one of our pieces. We like creating conversation starters.

Specifically I am currently inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Ralph Lauren, Banksy, Chuck Close, Kelly Reemtsen, NPR and The Rolling Stones.”

Doloris Petunia has been featured in some of the most coveted magazines out there-Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, and People, just to name a few. What is it like to have so much attention from the press and to see your jewelry as a hot topic for discussion?

“That’s very kind of you to say. I don’t think I ever think of it that way. I am always very flattered to get picked up by such huge outlets by just word of mouth but it means as much to me to see one of my pieces in a big magazine as it does to create a custom piece for a client to wear on her wedding day or on a first date. It is just wonderful to do what you love and have people want to wear your pieces because they make them feel excited in someway. My favorite compliment to hear is when clients tell me that when they wear my pieces they get lots of compliments on them. I am very aware at the point that a client purchases a piece, it becomes a part of how they present themselves to the world. That sounds sort of silly but I find that so flattering.”













What are the materials you use to create your jewelry, and how would you differentiate Doloris Petunia from other design processes and other jewelry lines out there? Would you ever consider designing things a bit differently, like putting a clasp on the Friendship Bracelets?

“We use a wide variety of materials. Swarovski crystals, vintage findings and many other non-typical jewelry materials. We are always on a quest to come up with new ways to create pieces in unusual ways that are innovative, easy to wear and more than anything we are always hoping to create wearable pieces of art.

We are always more then happy to receive feedback from our clients as to how to make our pieces better and more functional. It is a struggle to have to marry an idea with something that can be produced on a larger then one or two scale and fit a wide variety of clients. An example is the friendship bracelet with the hand ties. We have experimented in many ways to create a closure that is functional for the widest variety of people… which is always the rub.”


Here at M. Flynn, many of our custom jewelry pieces are for soon-to-be brides. What’s in store for your Spring 2013 bridal collection?

“We are experimenting with a line of clutches for bridal and other occasions that will follow the same principles as our hugely popular custom bridal cuff. It will bring the same attention to vintage details, customization and one of a kind design to the clutch world. We are also always trying to create head pieces that are a unique and the modern answer to the traditional veil that brides can wear with any dress and still feel the specialness of her wedding day.”


























We love this chalkboard wall calendar.  Every studio should have one.


To shop Doloris Petunia, visit http://mflynnjewelry.com/doloris-petunia/cd/42_108/ac/d/?action=d




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M. Flynn Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for a sister, a best friend, a parent, or that special someone, we have gifts for everyone.  We’ve put together an M. Flynn Holiday Gift Guide featuring some of our favorite items to make your holiday gift hunt a little easier.

Look through our gift guide and shop all products online or in-store!










Everyday Chic
These pieces are flashy enough to add color to any outfit, but simple enough for everyday wear. A perfect gift this holiday season.

  1. Lennox Necklace by Orly Genger, $260.00
  2. Thea Earring by Camilla James, $80.00
  3. Galapagos Bracelet by Julie Rofman, $105.00
  4. Amethyst Stud Earring by M. Flynn, $220.00
  5. Swarovski Propeller Earring by M. Flynn, $78.00
  6. Safari Dust Lucite Hinge Bracelet by Alexis Bittar, $295.00
  7. Mesh Day Earring by LuLu Frost, $120.00
  8. Glam Chain Necklace by M. Flynn, $78.00
  9. 14K Gold Stackable Rings by M. Flynn, starting at $220.00
  10. Tapered Metal and Turquoise Necklace by M. Flynn, $158.00











Gifts for Him
Clufflinks are a classic gift for any man this holiday season. Perfect for holiday parties or events.

  1. Spanish Peseta Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  2. Irish Harp—Five Pence Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  3. Swiss Half Franc Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  4. Greek Drachma Owl Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  5. M. Flynn Custom Cufflinks by M. Flynn, $240.00
  6. Isle of Man—Five Pence Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  7. Isle of Man Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  8. Irish Fish—Ten Pence Coin Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00
  9. Italian Lira—20 Lira Cufflinks by Benson and Clegg, $168.00










Gifts Under $100
Fashionable, wallet-friendly gifts that everyone will adore this holiday season.

  1. Como Double Wrap Leather Bracelet by Vita Fede, $64.00
  2. Thea Earrings by Camilla James, $80.00
  3. Tapered Hematite Necklace by M. Flynn, $78.00
  4. Large Gold Hoops by M. Flynn, $66.00
  5. Antique Swarovski Flower Earring by M. Flynn, $88.00
  6. The Ropes Chubby Bracelet by the Ropes Maine, $60.00
  7. Psyche Stud by LuLu Frost, $96.00
  8. Combina Single Wrap Leather Bracelet from Vita Fede, $78.00
  9. Petite Necklace by M. Flynn, $34.00
  10. Trinidad Bracelet by Julie Rofman, $82.00
  11. Leaf Earring with Swarovski Crystal by M. Flynn, $88.00










Holiday Glam
These dazzling statement pieces will spark up any holiday outfit this winter party season.

  1. Bel Air Gold Druzy Wave Hinge Bracelet by Alexis Bittar, $255.00
  2. Swarovski Crystal Bubble Earrings by Doloris Petunia, $110.00
  3. Druzy Droplet Ring by Alexis Bittar, $325.00
  4. Agatha Earrings by Camilla James, $175.00
  5. In the Mood for Love Necklace by Erickson Beamon, $1,395.00
  6. Alexandria Fringed Earrings by Alexis Bittar, $255.00
  7. Betty Davis Eyes Earrings by Erickson Beamon, $505.00
  8. Mini Diamond Studs by M. Flynn, $450.00
  9. Brave New World Earrings by Erickson Beamon, $430.00










Who said gifts this holiday season had to be big? These small one-of-a-kind pieces will dazzle any woman.

  1. M. Flynn Twisted Rope Aquamarine and Diamond Charm Necklace by M. Flynn, $750.00
  2. Mini Diamond Oval Pendant by M. Flynn, $350.00
  3. M. Flynn Antique Pearl Flower Convertible Pendant by M. Flynn, price available upon request
  4. 18k Gold, Turquoise, and Diamond Estate Ring at M. Flynn, $1,800
  5. Art Deco Estate Earrings at M. Flynn, $5,400.00
  6. 18K Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Convertible Estate Ring at M. Flynn, $5,950.00
  7. Retro Diamond Estate Earrings at M. Flynn, $5,925.00
  8. M. Flynn 14K Gold and Diamond Flower Ring by M. Flynn, $3,000.00
  9. M. Flynn Blue Topaz Antique Flower Fine Necklace by M. Flynn, $650.00










Personalized Gifts
These engraveable pieces will add a personal touch to the gift giving this season.

  1. Engraveable Pave Necklace by M. Flynn, $1,490.00
  2. Pave Letter Charm by by M. Flynn, $980.00
  3. 14K Gold Engraveable Necklace by by M. Flynn, $825.00
  4. 14K Tiny Gold Locket Necklace by by M. Flynn, $275.00
  5. M. Flynn Custom Cufflinks by by M. Flynn, $240.00
  6. M. Flynn 14K Gold Charm Necklace by by M. Flynn, $350.00
  7. M. Flynn Letter Charm by by M. Flynn, $210.00


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New Brand: Doloris Petunia

M.Flynn welcomes Doloris Petunia to our store and online.  The line is created by Courtney Prince, who was raised in Soho and now based in Los Angeles. Her pieces sparkle in the store like nothing we’ve ever seen.  Courtney’s pieces have been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and on fashion’s most-prominent blogs.

Not only are we drooling over her statement earrings and beautiful bracelets but we die for her outrageous studio!


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