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M. Flynn stands behind our fine jewelry, however, like any piece of jewelry worn regularly, care is always required.  Customers should expect to always maintain their treasured pieces.  Gemstones can rub against other gemstones and stones may also wear away at even the most sturdy of precious metals.  In addition, metals may need to be re-plated or polished.  M. Flynn recommends clients insure all jewelry of a certain value or custom pieces.  Estate or antique jewelry should always be worn with great care.

Fine Jewelry 

- Clean all jewelry with proper tools and solutions.  Many porous stones like coral, emerald tourquoise and pearls can be damaged in traditional jewelry cleaning solutions, soap or in an ultrasonic.  A mild soap with water is fine for most  fine jewelry like diamonds, sapphire, gold and platinum.  If you have a question about the right cleaning process for your fine jewelry, please contact M. Flynn.

- Regularly check all your jewelry for wear and tear. This especially includes the prongs holding your gemstones and the clasps on all your chains and bracelets. M. Flynn is happy to check your  frequently worn pieces.   

- Refrain from wearing jewelry during heavy tasks.  Even diamonds can chip in the right situation.

- Do not store pearls in plastic but we recommend storing metal, diamonds and other gemstone jewelry in plastic to protect from oxygen and dust.  Plastic bags can also prevent chains from tangling if you leave the clasp outside the bag and close.

Costume Jewelry

- Fashion jewelry consisits of non-precious metal plated and this metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear.  If you have any questions about cleaning your jewelry, ask us.

-Gently wipe the metal surface with a microfiber cloth to clean.  Excessive polishing will rub off the plating.

- Store costume jewelry in plastic baggies to protect from oxygen.  Jewelry should be completely dry.  Pearls cannot be stored in plastic.

- Avoid water when wearing costume jewelry.  Water will cause spotting on the metal and can cause rust.

- Avoid any traditional jewelry cleaning products that will remove the plating from your piece.  These products are usually intended for fine jewelry and diamonds.

- Hairspray, perfume or household cleaning product will draw dust to your piece and could wipe away the plating.

- For valuable collectable pieces, it may be worth replating your pieces over time.  Ask us.