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  • Remake | Redesign: Sister Edition

    The first piece that our client brought to us was her grandmother's engagement ring which she recently inherited. It meant so much to her and the diamond was so beautiful, but she didn't want to wear it as an engagement ring. She still wanted to have the piece close to her, but wanted to rework it [...] Read more
  • Heirloom Cocktail Ring

    Our client came to us with an amazing heirloom cocktail ring that she wanted to change up a bit. It was already so stunning, but we redesigned it to give it a fresh new perspective and more substantial look. Her grandmother had brought back the ring following a wonderful vacation on a cruise to Cuba, and gifted [...] Read more
  • Custom Project: Ruby Ring Remake

    Our client came to us with a ring that had been passed down to her by her grandmother. The ring had a gorgeous, glistening ruby center stone with some smaller diamond side stones. She absolutely loved the ruby but wasn’t in love with the ring itself. She thought she might want the ring made into …

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  • Custom Project: Sentimental Sapphire Remake

    This client came to us with a few different heirloom jewelry pieces that had been gifted to her over the years. She cherished each and every piece, and each one held a place in her heart – but the jewelry just wasn’t particularly her style. We see this exact scenario all of the time – …

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  • Custom Project: Joining Two Families Together

    Wedding bands are so special and symbolize so many beautiful things about love, marriage, and commitment. They represent the joining together of two individuals and families as one. Our clients had an idea that would allow all of these things shine through in more ways than one. Our clients wanted something very understated and simple, …

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  • Remake | Redesign: Gates Collection

    We recently launched our Remake|Redesign service - our newest expansion of our business offering private client services. Our Remake|Redesign service allows clients to bring us old or unworn jewelry to be recreated into a brand new design. We know that so many people are given heirloom jewelry pieces that hold so much meaning to them but are just not their style. We [...] Read more
  • M. Flynn Favorites: Engagement Rings

    The holiday season has begun and everything is starting to feel more festive by the day! With everyone in a cheery and loving mood we’ve been seeing a lot of engagements happening, which made us think back to all of the amazing custom rings that we've made for our clients over the years. Here are [...] Read more
  • Custom Wedding Jewelry: Joining Two Families Together

    Our client came to us looking to have a custom piece created using some very meaningful diamonds from both the bride and the groom’s families. Her fiance had a beautiful diamond that was once his grandmothers, while she had a ring given to her by her aunt. The couple already had wedding rings and they were looking …

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  • Custom Project: Simple Yet Stunning Diamond Rework

    Our client came to us with two beautiful pieces of diamond jewelry that she wanted to make into pieces that she would wear every day. She had set of small diamond earrings from her beloved Uncle, and a diamond necklace that belonged to her grandmother. The diamonds had meaning for her but the jewelry just wasn’t …

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