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  • Remake | Redesign: Auction House Gem

    Since high school we have been big fans of estate jewelry and love to bid on pieces at auction from time to time. Moria and I have purchased so many pieces that we would never be able to make for less…beautiful colored stones, moveable crazy charms and incredible chains.  We often will find pieces in …

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  • Remake | Redesign: Engagement Ring Upgrade

    We were first introduced to our client through her daughter who was proposed to with our rose gold oval halo engagement ring.  The client had not worn her engagement ring for many years – It didn’t fit, and was uncomfortable to wear.  She approached us to remake her ring because she finally wanted to be …

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  • Remake | Redesign : Diamond Brooch

    We love to remake and redesign jewelry into something new & exciting. A client came to us earlier this year with an amazing rework project that we could not wait to get started on. She brought in an absolutely stunning gold brooch that her husband had gifted to her years ago, which was covered with marquise, …

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    Something amazing has been brewing over the past couple of months here at the 46 Waltham St artist studios, and we can't wait to share it with you.  We love our neighborhood - it's filled with small businesses and amazing artisans and everyone is proud to show their support for one another. Our friends Don & John [...] Read more
  • September Sapphires

    Sapphires are the stone of September We've been doing so many fun projects using all different types of sapphires lately, which is very fitting considering sapphire is the September birthstone. Traditional sapphires give such a classic, beautiful look with a rich royal blue color but we are finding clients are gravitating toward less classic shades [...] Read more
  • Remake | Redesign: Sister Edition

    The first piece that our client brought to us was her grandmother's engagement ring which she recently inherited. It meant so much to her and the diamond was so beautiful, but she didn't want to wear it as an engagement ring. She still wanted to have the piece close to her, but wanted to rework it [...] Read more
  • Heirloom Cocktail Ring

    Our client came to us with an amazing heirloom cocktail ring that she wanted to change up a bit. It was already so stunning, but we redesigned it to give it a fresh new perspective and more substantial look. Her grandmother had brought back the ring following a wonderful vacation on a cruise to Cuba, and gifted [...] Read more
  • Custom Project: Ruby Ring Remake

    Our client came to us with a ring that had been passed down to her by her grandmother. The ring had a gorgeous, glistening ruby center stone with some smaller diamond side stones. She absolutely loved the ruby but wasn’t in love with the ring itself. She thought she might want the ring made into …

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  • Custom Project: Sentimental Sapphire Remake

    This client came to us with a few different heirloom jewelry pieces that had been gifted to her over the years. She cherished each and every piece, and each one held a place in her heart – but the jewelry just wasn’t particularly her style. We see this exact scenario all of the time – …

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