An Exercise in Subtle Hinting — Valentine’s Day Edition

February 3, 2013

Stacking Rings
Tapered Metal Necklace
Ruby Flower Earrings
Benson and Clegg cufflinks

Make it easy for your partner this Valentine's Day and send them our way!

Only two weeks left until Valentine’s Day, so be sure to “accidentally” leave this blog entry open on your computer for your significant other to find as soon as possible.  Flowers and chocolates are nice, but let’s be honest, jewelry is nicer.  Here are a few gift suggestions from what’s around the store at the moment.

Our new stackable rings make really thoughtful presents for two reasons — One, they’re available in lots of colors and stones, so you can choose a favorite hue, a birthstone, etc. to throw an extra layer of meaning into it.  Two, they look so great stacked together that you can tell the gift giver to just go ahead and add one to your collection every Valentine’s Day.  Talk about convenient!

This simple necklace from out new tapered metal collection is a great little piece that you’ll get tons of use out of.

These 14K gold and ruby flower earrings are super classic and perfect for everyday wear.

Last, but not least, something for the men — these are hand painted and made of real old currency. Cool, right?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!