Back to the Basics – The Hoop Earring

February 24, 2012

Custom Diamond Hoop Earrings

We take a loop at the wide world of hoop earrings and talk about why everyone has their "perfect" pair.

Recently we had a customer contact us, upset that she had lost one of her hoop earrings on the train. She was distraught … She had called the MBTA to check the lost and found, visited our retail partner to see if they had the same hoops and then had finally come to us. She had purchased the earrings a lot time ago and unfortunately we no longer carry the same style.

It got me thinking about what an important staple hoop earrings are. I wear my hoop earrings a lot, and when you find the right size, weight and style, they’re perfect to wear alone or pair with anything. They are a little more fun, relaxed, or bohemian than a simple diamond stud or pearl.

We have a great basic pair we make in gold filled or sterling silver, this pair from Alexis Bittar, and we just recently completed a custom project with prong set diamonds in 14 KT rose gold.

What’s your go-to hoop earring?