Boston Jewelry Concierge: Private Client Services

January 13, 2017


M. FLYNN is proud to launch Boston Jewelry Concierge, the newest addition to our business which focuses on private client services. Get exactly the jewelry that you're looking for in the simplest way possible.

Over the years, clients have to come to us with so many different questions and requests regarding jewelry.  As time went on and we continued to get more and more of these requests, we realized that there truly was a demand for a more personal jewelry shopping experience with a serious attention to detail and specific focus on the clients’ needs.  With extensive jewelry industry experience, we’ve seen it all and know every aspect of the business.  In addition, we work with a worldwide network of reputable and reliable industry professionals that we can call on to make the process fast and simple.


Boston Jewelry Concierge is meant to give you a private jewelry buying experience that you won’t receive anywhere else. Often clients are looking for something that is very particular, hard to find, or something that with more of a personal touch.  Megan & Moria have years of jewelry experience and an extensive network of reliable industry professionals that they work with to locate exactly what you are looking for.  Concierge services include personal shopping, stone selection, custom design, appraisals, repairs/upkeep, and even in-home visits – all to make your experience as effortless and painless as possible.


With our most popular service, Remake|Redesign, we work with you to completely remaster heirloom jewelry into something fresh and new, without compromising the sentimental value of the pieces themselves. We take pieces that are often unworn or unused and brainstorm new and exciting ways that they can be re-imagined into beautiful, practical pieces that will always be cherished.

We also offer custom jewelry design for those times when you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or for when you want something that’s uniquely you. With any of our custom or redesign projects – we work with you every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas, to design, stone selection, alterations and upkeep.

While some may be looking to redesign their estate or heirloom jewelry, many clients come to us looking specifically for vintage pieces. If you’re looking for a particular piece of classic, vintage jewelry- we will certainly be able to help you track down those hidden gems and be sure that they are original and authentic. We’ll help you make the best buying decisions and ensure that you receive and appropriate, competitive rate​. (The most bang for your buck!)

vintage beauty shot
We’re extremely passionate about what we do and want to use that passion to make your jewelry dreams come true.


If you are interested in our private client services, email, give us a call at (617)291-0079, or get in touch with us here.