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  • Ruby Redesign

    Our client had a necklace and bracelet with beautiful round ruby and diamond stones, but the settings and chains were very outdated and she just wasn’t wearing them. They were channel set in a thick bar in an alternating pattern. She wanted to use the stones to create something more modern and updated. She also had a cocktail …

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  • Pro Tips: M. Flynn Secrets

    We get a lot of questions about caring for jewelry, so we wanted to share some of our pro-tips with you! Jewelry is very fragile, so it's important to be delicate with it to prevent any stones from falling out or cracking, pieces being scratched up, and chains from breaking (shout out to babies for [...] Read more
  • Remake | Redesign: Auction House Gem

    Since high school we have been big fans of estate jewelry and love to bid on pieces at auction from time to time. Moria and I have purchased so many pieces that we would never be able to make for less…beautiful colored stones, moveable crazy charms and incredible chains.  We often will find pieces in …

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  • Remake | Redesign: Princess Cut Set

    Our client came to us with us with a couple of pieces of treasured jewelry that she had sitting in her jewelry box, and she wanted to remake them into something fun and new. The first was a princess cut engagement ring setting with two accenting princess cut side stones. She also had some pieces …

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  • Remake | Redesign: Engagement Ring Upgrade

    We were first introduced to our client through her daughter who was proposed to with our rose gold oval halo engagement ring.  The client had not worn her engagement ring for many years – It didn’t fit, and was uncomfortable to wear.  She approached us to remake her ring because she finally wanted to be …

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  • Trends in Colored Stones

    We’ve been seeing so much color lately in engagement rings and we get a lot of questions about the gemstones that might be appropriate in a ring for every day wear.  Even a diamond might chip or break in the right situation, but there are some colored gemstones that are more sturdy & our go-to's for [...] Read more
  • Custom Project: Engagement Ring Revamp

    When our client came to us with her husband, they were looking for a gift to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. They weren’t exactly sure what they wanted, so they decided to try on various styles of eternity bands and cocktail rings for inspiration. The couple noticed that we do custom jewelry and jewelry remakes, …

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  • Valentine’s Day Picks

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've hand-picked some of our fav's! Abstract Open Heart Stud Earring $95 Show more Antique Flower Earrings $88 Show more Arrow Necklace $5,900 Show more Arrow Necklace $5,900 Show more Clear Quartz Necklace In Rose Gold $789 $395 Show more Diamond Heirloom Earrings $1,800 Show more FLOW Balancing [...] Read more
  • Remake | Redesign : A Gift That Keeps On Giving

    A client came to us with this amazing brooch last year and loved it so much, but wanted to redesign the piece into something more practical and easy to wear. We created a beautiful ring for her, but still had SO many sparkling diamonds left, and decided to get to work designing more ways that …

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