Collecting Estate Jewelry

March 7, 2015

These earrings have many fans who visit them on a regular basis. Old European Cut earrings surrounded by baguettes and round cuts. The sparklers add up to 1.10 TCW. They are unique but could be worn every day.
This piece just evokes sentimentality. Everyone remembers the sound of their grandmother's bracelet and while many of our customers have their own charm bracelet, they marvel at this one. This estate bracelet is filled with vintage 14K gold charms and many of the charms move or are custom. It's the perfect piece to add to a collection.
Moria owns one of these! It’s fun to imagine where the previous owner traveled and all the adventure this piece has had. The piece hangs on a long, thick rope chain.

We’ve been in love with collecting estate jewelry since we acquired our first pieces from a family friend as teens. This friend had purchased the pieces from a sophisticated estate jewelry dealer in our native Maine.

I was given a pearl pinky ring and Moria a Floral Ruby, Pink Sapphire cocktail ring. They were grand rings, different than any other pieces we had ever seen or owned. The rings were glamorous and I treasured their uniqueness. Every time I wore the pinky ring, I would get comments and many compliments because they stood out. I mixed the ring with my less valuable jewelry and that’s what I continue to do.

When we decided to open our store, we felt that it would be wonderful addition to sell estate pieces. These pieces tell a story and the workmanship is hard to find in the mass produced jewelry of today.  We would buy from dealers and auctioneers. While many collect estate jewelry from certain designers or for investment, we always work from the mantra of buying what we like and what speaks to us. Some of our favorites are above, and you can find more in our boutique, by clicking here.