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From engagement and wedding rings, to pieces signifying the births of children or honoring special people, we can design or rework jewelry to perfectly capture the moment.

custom-ringHow We Work

We work with our clients to create pieces from the ground up, incorporating ideas and styles into one-of-a-kind jewelry that makes the memories and moments associated with it as special as they can be.

1. Consultation

We often recommend bringing in your own inspiration and ideas to help us get a feel for your desired aesthetic. Here we figure out how to combine your ideas with our expertise, in order to create your perfect piece of jewelry.

2. Presentation

We brainstorm design ideas and create a realistic computer rendering of your piece, which we present to you for discussion and approval.

3. Production

Once we’ve settled on the perfect design, we quote pricing. We are able to quote you on a variety of metals and stones, in order to work with your specific pricing needs.

custom-earringsOur design software allows us to create detailed renderings of pieces, and makes it easy for clients to take an active role in the design process. Our custom approach also allows us to incorporate meaningful touches, such as heirloom stones, birthstones, engravings and more.

Interested in working with us?

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