Custom Project: Unique Ring Made of Sentimental Diamonds

September 15, 2016

When our client came to us, she had a very sentimental piece of jewelry that she wanted to update to fit her personal style a bit more.



Our clients husband had a necklace that was passed down through the family and had originally belonged to his grandmother. The beautiful white gold pendant had a large rose cut center stone surrounded by ten smaller diamonds. She and her sister both had matching necklace which they treasured very deeply.

The family was very wealthy and owned many hotels in the area, but had lost everything they owned during WWII. The necklaces were the only thing that they managed to keep throughout the years.

The diamond pendant from the original necklace was eventually made into our clients beautiful engagement ring. Years later, she came to us looking to give it a little update.



The original ring was set in yellow gold with a white gold setting, but our client really loved the look of rose gold. We kept the pendant as is to save the original design and setting, but updated the band to a thicker, more sturdy, rose gold. Our client also wanted to make it a bit more significant and fill her finger, so we added pear shaped diamonds on each side of pendant.

Diamonds truly are forever, which makes them the perfect family heirloom. This is why we love to update pieces that have been passed down for generations – they tell a story of their own!

If you have a piece of jewelry that you would like to update or remake, contact us to get started today!