Custom Ring: Meaningful Stones Made Into a Timeless Keepsake

July 20, 2016


Garnet Cluster 1

The use of birthstones in jewelry are a great way to represent the love of a special someone & act as a celebration of their lives.

Our client came to us looking to create a piece of jewelry that could not only be a unique everyday piece, but would also act as a tribute and remembrance of the many people in her life that have or had January birthdays. She thought that a great way to do so would be to incorporate one of her favorite stones, Garnet.

Garnet is a beautiful stone that tends to consist of rich tones of red and purple & represents the month of January.

Garnet stones come in many different varieties, so we brought in Rhodolite, Pyrope, & Spessartite. Each of these stones have unique qualities and are slightly different in shade. After observing each one – our client finally fell in love with the stunning array of deep purple components that the Rhodolite stones had. We haven’t worked with these stones much in the past, so the intense sparkle shocked everyone in the room – even us!



In order to create the feeling that the piece had been passed down for generations, we set the stones in a style that was reminiscent of many estate pieces that we see. It’s always great to have a piece of jewelry that gives you the feeling that the ones you love most are always near your heart. This piece is truly a fantastic example of that!