Jewelry Care – Sterling Silver

July 10, 2012

Sunshine clothes work well on tarnish
Use these on tarnish
3m makes good anti tarnish strips
3m makes good anti tarnish strips

A how-to on keeping sterling silver jewelry looking its best.

We love silver as much as the next jewelry fiend, but it’s such a challenge when it’s displayed in a store, exposed to oxygen and it can be troublesome at home too. We are constantly shining, dipping and when it’s really bad, throwing sterling pieces in the ultrasonic for a deep clean. Many things cause silver to tarnish – oxygen (obviously), perfume, perspiration and even hairspray. We thought these tips might help you at home:

Wear your silver. If you wear silver constantly, it’s less likely to tarnish because body oils prevent tarnish.
If you’re not wearing it, store all silver jewelry in plastic zip locks bags to protect from oxygen. We use lots of these bags at the store and at home. You can also add a strip of charcoal in the plastic bag. We use these when we store jewelry for a long time.

Never throw change and coins into the same container that you keep your silver jewelry. I am guilty of this.
Do not swim with silver jewelry.

We really like using Sunshine Cloths. They are gentle, non toxic and won’t hurt pearls or other delicate stones. They will also work on gold, nickel, brass and copper.