Just In: Loquet London

August 30, 2016


"Every 'Loquet' tells a story. Each charm represents an emotion, a special memory—What's in your world? What's in your heart?"

Every time that we get a new shipment of Jewelry in it feels like Christmas Morning in the Studio, and we could not be more excited. That’s why we can’t wait to share our latest obsession with you – Loquet London.

Loquet London is a new British luxury jewelry concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey that puts a modern and glamorous twist on the traditional locket. Every Loquet is completely customizable, which makes it the perfect keepsake to show off your personality.



“Classic from a distance, original and curious close-up, a ‘Loquet’ is an eye-catching talking-point. A flash of color, a spark of gold, a desert-island memory, a child’s birthstone. We carry our stories close to our hearts.”


The gold framed crystal ‘Loquet’ is designed to open and be personalized with collectible charms and birthstones. Each tasteful charm is beautifully crafted and made with 18K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold, Diamonds, and precious stones. From birthstones to shooting stars, anchors, and crosses, to hearts and initials – these tiny collectible charms can be paired together to create something so uniquely you.

A Loquet necklace is perfect for a thoughtful gift with meaningful charms, and a great statement piece that really showcases your unique style and personality. One of our favorite things about them are that they can be transformed into a completely different piece whenever you wish – it can always be changed to fit your mood or match your outfit for the day.

This line is so fabulous and truly gorgeous, we’re not surprised that Loquet London has been featured numerous times in Vogue, Elle, and Glamour Magazines.

Shop Loquet online or in-store, we will work with you to create the perfect Loquet for you



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