New M. Flynn Bridal Site

July 11, 2014

Introducing M. Flynn Bridal, now online!

We’ve wanted to update our site for quite some time with our latest work, but sometimes in the excitement of finishing the ring and delivering it to the client, we forget to take pictures of the pieces and to post them. It sounds simple enough to do, but it’s often times the last thing on our minds or our camera battery dies. At last, we’ve added the new bridal section to our site.  Now you can see our past projects and use them as inspiration for creating your perfect piece.  In addition to our past projects, we also have our own boutique bridal collection of rings available.  These rings can be purchased “as is” or they can be be customized to suit your taste.  To make shopping easier, all of our M. Flynn rings are organized by stone shape and we also feature both men’s and women’s bands.

Aside from our examples online, we are working hard to build our house collection.  Keep checking in for more styles, we are committed to updating this part of our site as often as possible!