Rework | Redesign : A Mother Daughter Project

April 20, 2017

What better way to bond with your mother than to create a beautiful piece of jewelry together?

Our client came to us with a pair of diamond earrings & matching diamond earring jackets that she wanted to redesign into a new pair of earrings.

She wasn’t too sure of the design that she was looking for, so we showed her a couple of designs that we had done in the past. After taking a look, she fell in love with a design that we had done for another client but wanted to make a few changes in size.

We decided to do a similar look, using the center stones from her original earrings, as well as a few of the smaller diamonds to use as corner stones of the design. We then brought in some additional baguette diamonds to complete the design. The result was a stunning pair of square-shaped diamond studs.

Once we had finished the earrings, we still had beautiful round brilliant diamonds leftover.  Since her mother gave her the original earrings, she thought it might be fun if her mother could use the extra stones and create something custom for herself.   Her mother wanted a white gold bangle bracelet to layer with another bracelet she wore every day, and we loved that idea. We thought that a scattering of diamonds along the bangle would be a perfect way to incorporate the remaining stones from her daughter’s earrings. We then added some more round diamonds of various sizes.

What better way to bond with your mother than to create beautiful pieces of timeless custom jewelry together.

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