Sometimes the best comes to those who wait…

January 22, 2015

This emerald cut engagement ring with tapered baguettes is simply chic

We couldn’t wait to share one of our most recent projects. Our client had been married for some time but hadn’t found that fit her lifestyle so she decided to work with us on a custom ring. She wanted a piece that radiated sophistication while also remaining simple, clean, and easy to travel with. Her second priority was to find a design that wouldn’t overpower her very petite hands but at the same time eye catching.

We began the process by focusing on a clean, classic design . After choosing a 3-stone design, an emerald stone flanked by two baguettes, we brought in five stunning diamonds for her to choose from. After examining her options, the client set her sights on an amazing D, VVS2 one carat diamond.

The high quality of the center stone it was easy to see with an unaided eye: it is crystal clear and is the perfect color. Set in platinum and flanked by the two baguettes this diamond created the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. We always love to focus on quality over quantity and it’s what sets many of our rings apart.  Make sure to check out our instagram to see the client wearing the final product! #ringpickupday