Thanks, Homepolish!

April 8, 2016

Love Our Upgraded Office!
Jewelry Books & Erickson Beamon
Organized In Style With Erickson Beamon
Always Gold... Always
Stuart Loves The New Office, Too!
Alan Anderson

Photos by Joyelle West.

"We are creative people who can usually think out of the box, but when it came to our own space, we were stuck in an office that wasn’t working for us: it wasn’t appropriate for client meetings and our jewelry material was so disorganized that we couldn’t find anything. When we hired Caroline and Homepolish our goal was create a space that wasn’t too refined but that we could quickly transform into a client meeting area."

Our Desk, Topped With A Terrarium by Lynzarium's

Our Desk, Topped With A Terrarium by Lynzarium’s

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We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of our space! Thanks, Homepolish!