Tying the Knot!

March 13, 2012



A custom engagement ring that utilized teamwork and nautical detailing.

Since we started making fine jewelry, we’ve been very lucky to work with a number of thoughtful, hands-on people on our custom projects. The coolest parts of making custom pieces are the unique touches — engravings, birth stones, the incorporation of old family stones and metals, and so on.

One of our favorite recent projects is a very special engagement ring we designed for a customer who came in with lots of ideas and lots offamily heirlooms. When he first came in, he brought his grandmother’s engagement ring, along with an assortment of old rings from his mother that he wanted to put together into a modern engagement ring. When he shared his intentions with his girlfriend’s family, they enthusiastically gave him diamonds from within their family to include in the new ring. This piece was shaping up to be a pretty amazing symbol of two people and two families coming together, but it wasn’t complete without one more special touch — The couple had met while sailing, and so the client wanted to incorporate a nautical rope design into the ring.

Pretty amazing, right? Talk about team work! Here’s a picture of the final ring.