Triple Heirloom Bead Necklace

Erin Gates


The Triple Heirloom Bead Necklace from The GATES Collection by M. Flynn features 3 Heirloom beads on an 18″ chain. Choose between a 14k 8-diamond bead, a 14k 3-diamond bead, a plain 14k bead, or a 14k birthstone bead  (available upon request).

Erin originally came up with the Heirloom Collection when we worked with her to redesign some family jewelry into something more current and easy-to-wear. Read all about Erin’s remake in our portfolio!

The Heirloom Collection is a part of M. Flynn’s collaboration with interior designer and blogger, Erin Gates. Please see below for availability on some pieces that may not be in stock.

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